Plywood. The original humble material.

Reclaimed woods, especially barn inspired, have a firm grip on Calgary’s design scene.  Just add white subway tiles, black paint and an edison bulb and you can join in on the party.  Even concrete,where board forms are increasing in popularity, is taking part of this trend.  But what about plywood?  Here, the butt joints are repeated in intervals around the room, creating an elegant architectural …

adminPlywood. The original humble material.

Building with your iPhone | Calgary Construction Best Practices

Skipping the pitch and wordiness associated with so many building publications, Construction Instruction-HD is proving itself as the champion app amongst contractors and home builders. Access useful, easy step-by-step best practices quickly and stay current on changing technologies. Construction videos get right to the point and the technical articles are organized intuitively for easy navigation. APPLE | ANDROID | AMAZON Download it.  Use it.  Then let us know which articles are …

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Donate workboots to the Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed is looking for workboot donations.  Ideally in sizes 10-12. One of the greatest needs our guests have is sourcing affordable, work-safe, durable boots. Often times, it is only a lack of appropriate work wear that impedes acceptance of a standing job offer, preventing a guest from engaging in well paying, full-time work. Consider being a part of …

adminDonate workboots to the Mustard Seed

Spring Maintenance Time

The basics: 1) Prevent Water Penetration 2) Check Your Air Conditioner 3) Gutters and Downspouts 4) Inspect and Clean your Sheathing 5) Landscaping 6) Clean your Deck 7) Driveway and Paths 8) Get rid of Critters 9) Surge Protectors Source: Make it Right by Mike Holmes

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Pinterest Screenshot

Are you on Pinterest?

Pinterest is an easy-to-use platform to store your design ideas and one of the easiest ways to discover new products and finishing details. Here are some ideas to get you going: Exteriors Landscaping Fences Decks Kitchens Once you see an image that you want to keep, repin it to your own board. The more people and boards that you follow, …

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Wood Done Right: Calgary Quality Lumber Supply

Nothing matches wood in versatility or beauty, so it is great to see how today’s designers and architects continue to face the challenge of wood, and use it creatively to interpret sleek, modern designs. In more and more residential projects, architects and designers are finding new, creative ways to reveal and highlight the beauty and versatility of wood. They manage …

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Underdog Materials

Building Budgets require compromise and one of the best ways to keep good design intact is to get creative with materials that are high in quality, but out of fashion.  Take red oak.  It’s readily available, very affordable and easy to stain so you can find the color you prefer.  The key is in the application – try it without …

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Building Science: Building Sustainable Homes in Calgary

There is tremendous value in getting the basics of a home right; Insulation, air quality, and durability of materials affect the long term costs of owning a home.  But often its granite counter tops and spa-inspired bathrooms getting top priority by home buyers – until now.  We are noticing a more educated client asking for a home designed with smarter layouts, …

adminBuilding Science: Building Sustainable Homes in Calgary

Customizing you Calgary Home with Better Building Materials

We live in an inner-city neighbourhood, close to downtown Calgary and we love it. Older homes are continuously replaced with infills and the community is really an eclectic mix of styles. Personally, we are really happy to see the streetscapes changing and the resulting young families moving in. There is heritage ARCHITECTURE and then there are old homes with no …

adminCustomizing you Calgary Home with Better Building Materials