Customizing you Calgary Home with Better Building Materials

We live in an inner-city neighbourhood, close to downtown Calgary and we love it. Older homes are continuously replaced with infills and the community is really an eclectic mix of styles. Personally, we are really happy to see the streetscapes changing and the resulting young families moving in. There is heritage ARCHITECTURE and then there are old homes with no insulation or closet space. The latter just doesn’t work anymore. But the new builds have to be about more than just packing square footage onto a lot. It has to have some integrity. People who walk past deserve to be happy with their eyes and you deserve to get the most resale value. It’s all in the materials and mixing two or three together for the desired texture.
So you will notice more and more posts on how to use the building materials we sell in a more modern way and we will also be using this forum to spotlight some products we believe are essential to a long-lasting home. Cheers.

adminCustomizing you Calgary Home with Better Building Materials

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